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'Somerset Artists at Work'
'Being a Teenager in 2000'
'Being a Teenager in 2000'

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Working in black and white this project started as a personal study of what it meant to be 17 yrs old at the start of a new century. However as I started to take the portraits I found myself looking not just at 17 yr olds but also 18 or 14yr olds .I found myself thinking about the huge changes that occur during those five years and how different the experience of life is for those just about to embark upon the changes to adulthood and for those who have already come of age and are ready to launch themselves at the world. So this became a project about what teenagers of senior school age feel, think and do.

I worked both with young people that I already knew who were usually aware that I had my camera trained upon them and also took a number of candid shots of teenagers in the street, at concerts and at play. A number of the larger portraits were taken under studio conditions but generally I prefer to work with natural light with maybe a reflector or a bit of fill in flash.

Glastonbury 2000 - girl with nose stud

Images shown are some of those which were on display for Somerset Art Week in Sept 2000.


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